One Sacred Pause

S5:E10: Jyotish + Ayurveda with Tulsi Bagnoli

April 8, 2021
Join Jessica as she talks with 4th-generation meditator and ayurvedic astrologist, Tulsi Bagnoli. Tulsi tunes in from her van life in Topanga Canyon, and shares what it was like growing up in a spiritual household and community. The women talk about jyotish (ayurvedic astrology), and Tulsi’s transition into offering her knowledge and expertise as a business. Tulsi also describes her time getting her Master’s Degree in vedic science at an Ayurvedic college, and what it was like to be a professional meditator (seriously!).
Learn more about Tulsi on insta at @chaya.collective and online at
Host: @jessicawinderl

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