S2.E4: Yoga Entrepreneurship, Studentship + Meditation With Caley Alyssa

February 13, 2019

This week, Jessica is joined by her first American guest on the podcast, yoga + meditation teacher Caley Alyssa. The women talk about the nitty-gritty of running a yoga/wellness business, money, mentorship, disappointing setbacks, and the culture of celebrity. They dive into prioritizing studentship and learning new skills, and talk about meditation practices and daily routines.


S2.E3: Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals with Jessica Winderl

February 7, 2019

Join yoga, meditation, and ayurveda teacher Jessica Winderl for this solo episode that is all about Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals and Routines. Learn practical tips to integrate Ayurveda into your daily life, and how to use the natural rhythms of the seasons to support your most harmonious health.

Jessica’s Website: www.jessicawinderl.com




S2.E2: Ashtanga, Lifelong Meditation Practices, and Living Your Practice With Bertine Zetlitz

January 31, 2019
On this week’s episode, Jessica talks with Norwegian pop star Bertine Zetlitz. Bertine is well known for her musical career, but she is also a dedicated Ashtanga teacher and a life-long meditation student. The women talk about what a yoga “practice” means to them, what meditation feels like, and how to define what it means to be a yogi, according to your own rules. Bertine talks about growing up meditating from a young age, and the example her parents gave her with the practice. The conversation gets transparent and raw when both teachers talk about the importance of naming and exploring so called “negative traits” in themselves, as a way to integrate the lessons of meditation into your life.
Bertine’s website:  http://bertinezetlitz.no 

S2.E1: The Art of Breathwork, Compassion + Forgiveness with Mie My Tastesen

January 24, 2019
Season 2 is live! Jessica is back, and for the Season 2 launch episode she is talking with Danish clinical psychotherapist and breath work facilitator Mie My Tastesen. Jessica experienced a breath work session in Copenhagen with Mie My that was profound and beautiful, and in this episode they talk about the breath work technique that Mie My uses, and why it works. The women talk about the power of transformation that occurs when we intentionally connect to breath, and how that process leads to an evolution of the self. From that place, we can also cultivate a compassion for ourselves and our life experiences that leads into forgiveness. But what does forgiving yourself look like? The ladies share from their personal experiences and viewpoints. You do not want to miss out on this raw and inspiring conversation!
Find Mie My here: www.actandbreathe.dk

S1.E12: Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness with Jessica Winderl

September 26, 2018
Season 1 Finale! Jessica has another solo episode where she talks about the practice of taking responsibility for our own happiness. What happens when we step away from what we think other people’s expectations of us are, and when we release the fear of being judged by others? Happiness is an inside job, and Jessica talks about using the yogic principle of Santosha, or contentment, as the framework for creating a life that feels more free. When we cultivate contentment in our life, it becomes easier to move through the ebbs and flows of life without being pulled off center or weighed down by external judgements or expectations. Jessica shares three concrete tools for moving into a space of clear intuition, self-love, and igniting a deep-seated joy in life. She finishes by offering some of her top advice to new yoga teachers who wish to explore their passion for teaching yoga.

S1.E11: Myth-Busting Yoga History with Sati Chmelar

September 19, 2018

Yogis, settle in! This episode is both thoughtful and {possibly} a little earth shaking, in terms of questioning what we as yoga students and yoga teachers believe to be true. The women sit down together in Oslo, Norway to talk about Sati’s recent Master’s Thesis focused on  “myth busting” commonly-held beliefs about the history/origin of modern yogic practices. Sati explains how taking an academic or scholarly approach to understanding yoga radically shifted her connection to the practice, and why she thinks this is the future trajectory of modern yoga. The women also discuss the hot-button current topic of cultural appropriation in the era of modern postural yoga, and what it could mean for Western practitioners. This is an episode you are going to want to listen to more than once — the topics discussed have been lingering with Jessica ever since this conversation took place, causing her to ask questions about the practice of yoga that she has never asked before… maybe you will have that experience too?

Sati’s Website


S1.E10: Failure, Meditation + the Mind with Jeppe Aagaard

September 12, 2018
Jessica talks with Danish yoga and meditation teacher Jeppe Aagaard, and they go straight into talking about meditation, how the mind works, and what we feel during a meditation practice. Jeppe shares why, as a meditation teacher, he strives to guide his students into an emotional response to the practice. This is an interesting and thought provoking episode (notice the length of the episode — Jessica and Jeppe couldn’t stop the conversation, it was that good!). Jeppe also talks about how we retrain the patterns of the brain through meditation, and about his new project teaching meditation in high schools in Copenhagen. Finally, the conversation touches on failure, the lessons we learn from embracing setbacks in life, and how our perception dictates our experience of reality.
Jeppe’s website

S1.E9: Tantra Yoga + Living in the Now with Satu Tuomela

September 4, 2018
This week is a fun + lively episode where Jessica chats with Stockholm-based yoga teacher and studio owner Satu Tuomela. Satu talks about her deep love for tantra yoga, and the teachings of the practice to simply enjoy your life while mindfully living in the now. Satu clears up some of the misconceptions of tantra yoga, and shares her first experiences with the practice (which differed greatly from her current experiences of the practice!). The women talk about the exploration of stillness and softening in their personal practices of yoga, and Satu shares what freedom + liberation feel like to her. They also discuss how integrity is a core value for both of them — in their personal lives, as teachers, and as entrepreneurs running yoga businesses.
Pranama Studio Website
Satu’s Website
Book Recommendation — 
Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Wallis

S1.E8: Radical Self-Inquiry with Jessica Winderl

August 29, 2018
This week Jessica is doing a solo episode to talk about cultivating more intentional stillness + healing in our lives. She shares why One Sacred Pause is her personal manta, and the importance of slowing down and disconnecting from the distractions of the mind. In this very real and honest episode, Jessica talks about her experience of being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer at age 34, what she thinks about suffering and karma, and what she has learned about compassion from this experience. Jessica talks about why grace and integrity are so important for her in order to live her yoga off the mat, and how they inform her business decisions related to running her yoga school. Jessica ends the episode by talking about her daily routines, and why she loves the idea of “freedom through discipline”.

S1.E7: Yoga, Nuclear Physics + Spirituality with Anne Devismes, PhD, RYT

August 22, 2018
This week, Jessica talks with full-time yoga teacher, studio owner, and physicist Anne Devismes about science vs. spirituality, and how they actually have more in common than we might think. The women start by discussing topics related to choice + responsibility, the skill of learning how to be brave, and being held accountable for our own happiness. They also talk about their own experiences in the yoga world and running yoga businesses, and the sometimes ugly realties of the modern yoga industry. The ladies keep it real!
Next they dive into Anne’s research into what happened right after the Big Bang, and the evolution of the universe from nuclear matter. Anne breaks it down by explaining that her scientific work was driven by a desire to make life better by understanding it, which is basically the same inquiry yoga invites us to do —  ask the big questions — like where are we from and why are we here? Jessica and Anne talk about the linearity (or lack thereof) of energy, time, and experiences and Anne suggests one possible explanation of intuition as explained by quantum physics.
Anne’s website