One Sacred Pause

S3.E8: The Yoga of Humanity with Olympian Lindsey Van

August 15, 2019
This week, Jessica talks with her friend Lindsey Van about what it means to give of one’s self and to be of service to others. Lindsey shares her journey of winning 16 National Championships, to becoming the first women’s World Champion winner for Ski Jumping in 2009, and her subsequent leadership role as she and a group of fellow women ski jumpers sued the IOC (International Olympic Committee) for gender discrimination for not including women’s ski jumping in the Olympics. Lindsey, and the other female ski jumpers, eventually were allowed to compete in the Sochi Olympics in 2014. But in 2011, in the middle of training to defend her World Title, Lindsey got a phone call that she was a perfect match to donate bone marrow to save an anonymous Leukemia patient. Lindsey didn’t think twice before saying yes, and going through the process of donating bone marrow not just once, but two separate times! Even at the risk of jeopardizing her athletic career, Lindsey felt that as a human, she had the moral obligation to save someone’s life if she was in the position to do so. As a yogi and a meditator, Lindsey shares her life philosophy on how everything and everyone is connected.
Documentary about Lindsey:

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