One Sacred Pause

S3.E6: Ayurveda + Meditation with Ayurvedic Doctor Margaret Koblasova

August 1, 2019
This is it! The episode many of you have been waiting for — Jessica talks with her first ayurveda teacher, Dr. Margaret Koblasova, all about ayurveda, dinacharya, and how we use ayurveda in our lives. Maggie talks about different meditation types for the three doshas, what jyotish is and what it is used for, what led her to become an Ayurvedic Doctor, and what she loves about being a doctor.
Also, stay tuned for upcoming announcements about Dr. Koblasova’s visit to Norway, and a co-hosted ayurvedic cleanse program in Oslo in June 2020.
Dr. Koblasova’s website:

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