One Sacred Pause

S2.E1: The Art of Breathwork, Compassion + Forgiveness with Mie My Tastesen

January 24, 2019
Season 2 is live! Jessica is back, and for the Season 2 launch episode she is talking with Danish clinical psychotherapist and breath work facilitator Mie My Tastesen. Jessica experienced a breath work session in Copenhagen with Mie My that was profound and beautiful, and in this episode they talk about the breath work technique that Mie My uses, and why it works. The women talk about the power of transformation that occurs when we intentionally connect to breath, and how that process leads to an evolution of the self. From that place, we can also cultivate a compassion for ourselves and our life experiences that leads into forgiveness. But what does forgiving yourself look like? The ladies share from their personal experiences and viewpoints. You do not want to miss out on this raw and inspiring conversation!
Find Mie My here: