One Sacred Pause

S2.E12: SEASON 2 FINALE - Yoga, Acupuncture, Seva + Friendship with Sea Marie Biladeau

April 11, 2019
The Season 2 Finale is an extended episode that Jessica recorded live in Colorado with one of her dearest friends, Sea Marie. Be a fly on the wall as these friends talk about all the subjects they love — the women talk about teaching yoga, what they love about being teachers, and why they teach. Sea shares her experiences of studying Five Elements Acupuncture, what her expectations were/are to becoming an acupuncturist, and the commitment of being in acupuncture school for 4+ years. The women also discuss similarities and differences between this healing modality and Ayurveda, and both of those modalities' focus on nature as a guide. Seva is a favorite topic and practice of Sea Marie’s, so the women dive into what self-less service is all about, and why it fires her up.
The video recording of this episode is also available on YouTube, under Jessica’s channel.
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