One Sacred Pause

S2.E11: Rituals of Ayurveda + Natural Skincare with Paavani Ayurveda

April 3, 2019
This week Jessica is joined by the co-founders of a beautiful ayurvedic body care company called Paavani Ayurveda, Trudy Collings and Leah Klatt. The women talk about getting started in ayurvedic skin care, what led Trudy and Leah to start their own brand, and how it feels to celebrate the five year mark of being in business. They share their favorite self-care routines, favorite products, and the exciting launch of their newest product line. Finally, the three women discuss choosing a name for your business, and Leah + Trudy talk about what their experience has been like in a successful business partnership. This is another great episode that is all ayurveda, all the time!

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