One Sacred Pause

S1.E7: Yoga, Nuclear Physics + Spirituality with Anne Devismes, PhD, RYT

August 22, 2018
This week, Jessica talks with full-time yoga teacher, studio owner, and physicist Anne Devismes about science vs. spirituality, and how they actually have more in common than we might think. The women start by discussing topics related to choice + responsibility, the skill of learning how to be brave, and being held accountable for our own happiness. They also talk about their own experiences in the yoga world and running yoga businesses, and the sometimes ugly realties of the modern yoga industry. The ladies keep it real!
Next they dive into Anne’s research into what happened right after the Big Bang, and the evolution of the universe from nuclear matter. Anne breaks it down by explaining that her scientific work was driven by a desire to make life better by understanding it, which is basically the same inquiry yoga invites us to do —  ask the big questions — like where are we from and why are we here? Jessica and Anne talk about the linearity (or lack thereof) of energy, time, and experiences and Anne suggests one possible explanation of intuition as explained by quantum physics.
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