One Sacred Pause

S1.E11: Myth-Busting Yoga History with Sati Chmelar

September 19, 2018

Yogis, settle in! This episode is both thoughtful and {possibly} a little earth shaking, in terms of questioning what we as yoga students and yoga teachers believe to be true. The women sit down together in Oslo, Norway to talk about Sati’s recent Master’s Thesis focused on  “myth busting” commonly-held beliefs about the history/origin of modern yogic practices. Sati explains how taking an academic or scholarly approach to understanding yoga radically shifted her connection to the practice, and why she thinks this is the future trajectory of modern yoga. The women also discuss the hot-button current topic of cultural appropriation in the era of modern postural yoga, and what it could mean for Western practitioners. This is an episode you are going to want to listen to more than once — the topics discussed have been lingering with Jessica ever since this conversation took place, causing her to ask questions about the practice of yoga that she has never asked before… maybe you will have that experience too?

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